Omar Akrouche is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and audio engineer based out of San Francisco. As a self-recording artist, his approach to making music is equally inspired by sound as it is from visual mediums, such as analog photography, filmmaking, and painting— with William Basinski meaning as much to him as Richard Diebenkorn. Omar frequently collaborates with friends and artists to produce their musical ideas, he values the role of the curator in making records, and believes in a cross-disciplinary process that engages with more than just the music. In 2015, he founded HUMBLE HOBO (a musical collective loosely based on a fictional space traveler) and has since independently fostered over 40 releases, many of which have been available physically. Omar is currently studying Music Technology and Applied Composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, while maintaining a strong connection to his DIY aesthetics and values.

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